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Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex

Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex
Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex - view 1Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex - view 2Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex - view 3

Ref: SHP0250

Turquoise Silver Pendant Flex style. A stunning Silver Turquoise Pendant - the elegant lines of silver are sculptured around the tantalising turquoise. With a deep blue/green stone the turquoise is a magnificent central focal point for this piece of Silver jewellery. Silver necklaces set with Turquoise are a fashionable and stylish statement - matching with all types of style - this Silver Turquoise pendant will be a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Buy today from Seriously Silver jewellery.
Length 37 mm Width 14 mm Depth 5.5 mm Weight 3.7 grams

Price: 21.99 (Including VAT at 20%)