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Silver Bead Charm Ring

Silver Bead Charm Ring
Silver Bead Charm Ring - view 1Silver Bead Charm Ring - view 2

Ref: AJR0021

Sterling Silver Mexican Moving Charm Bead Ring - Ladies Womens Birthday Anniversary Gift Present. Sterling Silver Beads drip from a delightful Silver Charm Ring. Tactile and tantalising the Silver Stackable Rings are held together and form an unusual statement piece of jewellery. A stunning Mexican design dripping with charm beads which move to create interest, a very pretty ring. Perfect for all occasions, day and night, this piece of sterling silver jewellery is stunning. Note: As with all pieces of moving jewellery the beads can get caught up, take care when wearing. We wouldn't recommend activities where the beads could be caught i.e. gardening or washing up in this ring.
Length 34 mm Width 14 mm Weight 16.5 grams

Price: 42.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Not currently available