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Luxury WOW Silver Ring

Luxury WOW Silver Ring
Luxury WOW Silver Ring - view 1Luxury WOW Silver Ring - view 2Luxury WOW Silver Ring - view 3Luxury WOW Silver Ring - view 4

Ref: GSR0017

WOW is the only word for this luxury silver ring - large imposing - huge - magnificent - striking - stunning - words cannot describe the size and magnitude of this ring. When worn there will certainly be looks of admiration and lots of attention. If you love luxury then this is the ring for you - made from very heavy silver the ring is huge. The silver dome is faceted. Handmade this ring is one of its kind - each face is reflective and shows off its stunning good looks. A luxury silver ring to add to your jewellery collection.
Length 25 mm Width 30 mm Depth 20 mm Weight 31.8 grams

Price: 44.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Not currently available