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Gigantic Silver Ring

Gigantic Silver Ring
Gigantic Silver Ring - view 1Gigantic Silver Ring - view 2Gigantic Silver Ring - view 3Gigantic Silver Ring - view 4

Ref: AJR0116

Gigantic Silver Ring. Large - giant - huge - solid - substantial - there's so many words to describe this very solid silver ring. Comfortable the ring may be large and heavy but when its worn you can certainly feel its there but is very comfy and relaxing. The curved sides make it a pleasure to wear and the hammered shining silver finish radiates style and elegance. This is one of my favourites - the hammered finish gives the ring sophistication.
Length 12 mm Width 20 mm Depth 4 mm Weight 20 grams

Price: 44.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Not currently available