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Are Your Products real Silver?

Are Your Products real Silver?

In a word .... YES.
All our silver jewellery is genuine 925 Sterling Silver and is hallmarked to prove it. The only exceptions are smaller items such as Silver Charms or Silver Earrings where they are physically too small for a hallmark.

From the Birmingham Assay Office

Silver - All articles with a component to be described as silver in which the total weight of all metal is over 7.78 grams will need to be hallmarked.

Why do some items seem low-priced while other appear to be expensive ?

The two main factors that go into the price of our jewellery are the weight of Silver and the amount of work involved in making it.

The price of Silver has rocketed over the past few years and in now around four times more expensive then when we first started 10 years ago.

Some small items don't have a lot of Silver in them but the work needed to make them means they take a lot of time which is reflected in the price.

Also with the exception of a few pieces (mainly charms which are made here in the UK) we buy our Silver Jewellery in US Dollars from countries such as Mexico, India and New Zealand so we have a lot of costs in travelling, import duties, VAT and currency fluctuations.